2017-08-06 15:50:47 by InstaSkillz

The reason I was able to put up tracks so fast is because I used a song generator. Nothing to do with talent. I have been doing this because my MIDI cable is disfunctional at the moment. I'm still trying to set it up. I will be drawing melodies until I get it working. Please don't unfollow or unfriend me. I understand ifyou do though- that was a truly idiotic move. I'll get real music up soon.

~Nick "InstaSkillz"


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2017-08-09 01:15:48

Don't worry, I used to make music in Music maker jam(i guess) but in another account, then I said to myself: "Why am I doing this sh*t music with sounds and melodies already created. A long time ago, I started making music at Fl studio, my 1st song was sh*t but that was good for me, then I started learning by myself playing with automatizations(they are kind of events that happen thru the song like volume, pitch, frequency, etc.), therefore, My 4th song what appeared to be my best melody and structure, then after trying to find a way my songs could sound better, I raised in visits and downloads. I have a lot of songs with more than 200 visits. I hope u do well, and u shold try FL studio 12 (12.5:v) I'm sure you will improve :)

InstaSkillz responds:

I use it occasionally.


2017-08-09 09:29:27