I'm depressed...

2017-08-11 10:20:54 by InstaSkillz

I feel like no one notices me. Here on Newgrounds, on GD, and even in real life, I'm just ignored. Or at least I feel that way. There may not be new stuff for a while, I'll be trying to mend my social life and be noticed. I promise, when I feel better about myself I'll put a new track up. It'll be my masterpiece, my best work so far.




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2017-08-11 11:39:49

R.I.P I feel your pain bro. I ain't really noticed also in NG or GD, but I ain't depressed.

InstaSkillz responds:

Mostly I'm sad bc of not being noticed in real life.


2017-08-11 11:50:22

Don't give it too much thought and just try to figure out what you like and try to find a scene for it in real life, try to have some fun with people who like to do the same and don't care about anyone else. You like doing music? DO IT! Live it. :) Connect with people in your friend base who share the same passion and try not to spend too much time on social media but instead IRL. I know it might sound tough to find a start, but it's worth it, hang in there, you can do it! :-)

InstaSkillz responds:

There's like 2 people in my life with those qualities. One of them bullies me and the other likes me, but is influenced by the first one


2017-08-11 12:23:01

I see, you might need to meet some new people then, any online buddies in your area? Spending time with a lot of people is key here, not everyone will like you, that is absolutely normal and there's nothing wrong with that or with you. If that one guy bullies you, you can pity him, he wouldn't bully you if there wasn't something about his own life that he really hates, so he takes it out on someone else. Don't forget that it's not about you. It's tough to go out meeting new folks I know, but maybe give it a try sometime.

InstaSkillz responds:

You're right. I am actually going to a social event momentarily.


2017-08-11 13:03:33

Consistent trickle of content is your best bet toward acquiring more views. The more you put out, the better chances A) People see your stuff and, by extension B) It gets any variety of viral.

InstaSkillz responds:

You're completely right. I'll put up my masterpiece and then follow yp slowly.


2017-08-15 11:29:01

not true!

InstaSkillz responds:

Lol your one of 9 people that notice me