WTF Is Wrong With Me

2017-09-12 08:46:49 by InstaSkillz

1. Changing my name again. I'm now Leonix. Flair was too overused.

2. I'm trying to hit on a girl who's a year older. Help.

3. I am getting huge equipment upgrades soon, but I'm moving first. After that I'll be making a lot more music.

4. Not feeling so depressed anymore. All thanks to my friends Paul, Lucas, Olivia, Jack, and Reece, who i know will never see this, but I want to thank them all for being my friend.

5. I suck at making music so don't expect anything good from me.




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2017-09-12 09:16:37

If you suck, just keep going until you don't suck anymore.


2017-09-12 10:38:30

Just keep experimenting.
Experts will always continue to practice and hone their craft. You should too.

InstaSkillz responds:

Thanks. My main issue now is the lack of a MIDI device.